We help companies build successful sales forces by combining training, knowledge and software.


Complementing a solid base of How To Sell together with Why They Buy is where the magic happens. Let’s see how you can implement this to your business.

Learning How to sell is a vital key to every entrepreneur, business or salesperson. How to sell gives the tools and knowledge to start taking action towards growing the business. Without the skills of knowing how to sell, there is no need of exploring why the customer buys.

Why They Buy, on the other hand, focuses on how to connect to the personality of your customer, getting to the core of their purchase making values. When a customers decision making values have been identified, the sale can be made with higher deal value and hit rate.

How To Sell

1) Outreach to business lead

2) Customer qualification

3) Pitching the product or service with a generic presentation

4) Broad Q&A / Argumentation

5) Follow up

6) Closing statements

Perfect Match

1) Outreach to business lead

2) Customer Identification

3) Pitching the product or service with a specific presentation

4) Limited Q&A / Argumentation

5) Follow up

6) Closing statements


Straight to the point

When complementing with Why They Buy your sales cycles will become shorter due to the fact that the customer will develop a relationship with you and the product faster. 

In today’s market where consumers and customer are in more control than ever, finding the buying triggers become ever so important. If the consumer market had been rational the best products would sell the most. 

With each purchase, we take it based on both rational and emotional factors, and learning to communicate to each of those will make your product stand out in a consumer driven market.

Improving customer relationships

Sales is not a numbers game

The bad reputation of sales has been growing for years. Sales are not bad, nor something that should be avoided. Sales are the backbone of our economy, the single most important factor for creating growth in companies and economies.

We understand that some salespeople can be frustrating, whilst some can be a joy to talk to. It all comes down to if they can relate and communicate according to your values. When the values align, you experience the conversation as easy and enjoyable.

An easy fix to create growth without making improvements on the sales process is to go for volume, making sales a number game. When sales become a numbers game, your branding will decrease due to the lack of connection and burnt relationships, and salespeople will search new jobs due to the lack of sales and income. 

Sales are about quality over quantity. When quality has been achieved, quantity can increase. We should only scale our profitable habits that lead to long-term relationships with our customers.


Your time is valuable

We understand that time is one of the most precious things, regardless if we need more time with our loved ones or to build our business further it’s a limited resource.

With that in mind, we only provide solutions that are meant to be implemented in a step by step manner, so that you can rest assured that you get the most out of your time and internal resources.

The genius is in the simplicity, although complex systems might be of great value, if the threshold for entering is too big, we tend not to use them.

Onboarding new salespeople
Onboarding new salespeople can be a time-consuming task that requires an investment from the management with each new salesperson. 

Regium implements digital education systems that give the sales management an overview and ability to control and scale the education for Why They Buy with each new salesperson.

Providing an interactive journey for each employee, leading them through the path that is most suitable to them. 

Optimizing current sales organization
Teaching a sales organization How To Sell, and teaching them the in’s and out’s of the product can create fantastic results. 

Some salespeople in these organizations will dramatically outperform the team average.

A common similarity between these high performers is that they have easier to connect with the customers, not just contact them. 

We optimize sales organizations by teaching the whole team to connecting instead of contacting their customers.

Tools for systemizing and sorting leads and sales
The best systems are the one that is being used. 

We collaborate with CRM’s that will create usage among the salespeople, giving a systemized and controlled view for the management team.

Systemizing the sales process
A scalable sales process needs to be put into a system.

Without a systemized sales process, each salesperson needs to figure out the path to closing the sale on their own.

We help how to put each customer into a unique path that matches their buying behaviour that increases sales conversions. 

From sales team to sales force

A sales organization that is coherent and follows a system can expand across multiple locations and increase the number of individuals.

Regium Int. offers tools and training to create sales forces.

We have listed some of the areas where we can help you get a process that focuses on sales growth, regardless of it being training new staff, optimizing the current staff or reducing the churn rate of current customers.


Are sales an art, or a science?

Based on the four temperaments dating back to Hippocrates, we respond differently to communication. If we only speak as it comes naturally to us we are leaving the majority of sales, partnerships, and relationships on the table.

Learning how to properly communicate to each personality type has shown to give extraordinary results and was proven by our partner in 2016 together with San Fransisco State University in a white paper regarding personality based sales.


We have a specialized program to learn this method quickest possible.

1-1 training

We will customize the training based on your business. Each session will pinpoint specific challenges and needs. Expect massive results!


Gather your team and learn the science and the method within “Why they buy”. PS. The workshops are grate for smaller teams. 

Digital platform

Get immediate results by educating your team online. 60 hours of training that will accelerate your know-how arround why your customer is buying.


We believe that sales should be a more natural and integrated part of every business. Selling is no longer a game where the best products get the most traction, but rather one where the customers decide their purchases based on their intuition and connection with the product. The companies where salespersons can connect with the customers will outperform good products.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Robert Bloom

Robert Bloom

CEO & Co-founder

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Oliver Kraft

Oliver Kraft

COO & Co-founder

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Our next star?

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