Ready to help change the way sales training is done?

We are changing the way that sales training and development is performed, not because what we have is bad, but because we feel that something is missing.

Companies have spent millions of dollars teaching their team how to sell, but never why the customer is buying. We focus on helping our customers develop the skills to identify what triggers the yes in the sales process, instead of making sales a numbers game.

If you share the idea of flipping the focus to why they buy, we welcome you to read more and submit an application.


Even if each customer journey is unique, they all apply to the same overall steps. You can read more about what each step involves, and see if Regium is a good fit for you.

Sales & prospecting

The first step within Regium is that we sell and promote our services. This is performed with a well documented sales process and support from the team.

Implementing customers

Each consultant within Regium is usually helping their own customers get started.
We educate everyone on how they can help their customers the best.

Customer curation

As in all successful sales organizations, we focus on customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value. This is performed with continious contact and additional services.


Performance based compensation

We offer a high level of performance based compensation, where we only keep a small royalty.
The performance fee is simple and win win based.

Selection of additional services

Within Regium you can offer your customers a selection of sales related services which increases customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.

Turnkey solution

Most of our consultant use Regium as an additional offer in their business. With that in mind we build it to become plug and play, to get you started from day one.

Continuous innovation

We innovate where innovation is due, not for the sake of it. The sales area is evolving, and our work is to continue developing to deliever results.


Working in a remote team allows us to have a bigger flexibility, adjust to our own schedules and cover a wider geographical area. With a bigger coverage and flexibility, we are able to accept deals that otherwise would be impossible. As a consultant, you will be able to work from wherever, whenever.