Eva Nordengren Eklöv

Senior Consultant

+46 76-010 99 05

• Certified in Day2Day Leadership development & Disc analysis

• Management consultant, 15 years as an entrepreneur

• Background in Sales Leadership & training, SEO & Digital marketing

This is My Story

My name is Eva Nordengren Eklöv and I have worked in Sweden and abroad exclusively in sales companies with leadership development, teams, sales and as leader of change processes.

Curious – yes!
I’m inspired by challenges & I really love to develop people & businesses. One strength among others is that I am a joy-spreader with a never-ending source of inspiration and interest in digital tools and is successful where I facilitate people in new work processes. Besides that, I have a phenomenal sense of seeing structures, smart solutions and how to translate them into future events.

Want to talk about sales, sales processes, concepts, etc. and how to strengthen and thus increase it – get in contact.

You can trigger and tripwire my buying with:

+ Tell me your story – share your visions and I will join you on your journey
+ Being enthusiastic and rapid and invite me to an adventure

– Focus on details and systems
– Act slowly and lose time


Training & Peak Performance

One-to-one training that provides peak performance potential and extraordinary results. Available for enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking for your company or event. Either I speak about how you can sell to personalities, Why They Buy or motivating the sales team.

Team training

Team training specific to Why They Buy. This is part of the enterprise offering, and gives all the attendees a better understanding of not only how, but why they need to communicate differently to people.