Johan Gillman

Senior Consultant
+46 70-429 70 00

• Experienced entrepreneur

• Leader within many fields

• Inspirational speaker

This is My Story

To see individuals take the next step in their development is my biggest inspiration. After having business within retail, home service, education, management, investments and service I am now sharing my experiences within the sales process in order to increase the sales volume and motivate teams. Growing business through the right understanding of why customers buy is the most important skill a company needs. 

You can trigger and tripwire my buying with:

+ There is a strong relationship between me and seller. 
+ When the product is solving a problem I have.

– Overselling 
– Sloppy presentations 


Training & Peak Performance

One-to-one training that provides peak performance potential and extraordinary results. Available for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Public Speaking

Public speaking for your company or event. Either I speak about how you can sell to personalities, Why They Buy or motivating the sales team.

Team training

Team training specific to Why They Buy. This is part of the enterprise offering, and gives all the attendees a better understanding of not only how, but why they need to communicate differently to people.