Robert Bloom

Co-founder & CEO 

[email protected]
+46 76-321 06 26

• Certified B.A.N.K Trainer

• 25 years as an entrepreneur

• Background in FinTech, Sales & Innovation

This is My Story

Fascinated by innovation and communication picked my interest to start working with sales and marketing. Soon celebrating 25 years as an entrepreneur has shown the cost of lacking sales, sometimes as a tough lesson.

Not only does sales and marketing tickle my interest, it’s also my passion to help great companies and products reach their full market potential.

You can trigger and tripwire my buying with:

+ Showing the lifestyle and possibilities
+ Have the facts and knowledge about the product

– Showing the process and system behind it
– Talking to much about the soft values and community


Training & Peak Performance

One-to-one training that provides peak performance potential and extraordinary results. Available for enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking for your company or event. Either I speak about how you can sell to personalities, Why They Buy or motivating the sales team.

Team training

Team training specific to Why They Buy. This is part of the enterprise offering, and gives all the attendees a better understanding of not only how, but why they need to communicate differently to people.